Local Products

Thailand national clothing is very popular in Thailand and is widely worn. Thailand national clothing is divided into men's clothes and women's clothes. Men's clothes is stand-collar and trousers or kilt. Men's jacket is called suea phra ratchathen, long sleeved for formal occasions, short sleeved for ordinary clothes. Women's clothes is jacket and kilt, kilt is called "fuxin (pha sin)", which is a skirt made by a piece of silk tightly wrapped around the waist. Tightness can be adjusted with a rope and then hidden in the back part. When it comes to formal occasion, a strap needs to be worn slanted on the upper body.

Arts & crafts
Thailand Chiang Mai arts and crafts including woodcarving, lacquer, silverware, rattan and bamboo exquisite handicrafts etc. are well-known all over the country, and are even exported to overseas. Chiang Mai is the National Center for traditional handicrafts; it is famous all over the world for wide varieties and good quality. The fine craft has been passed down from generations to generations. These arts and crafts are produced in the family style, and most of them are made artificially. From natural and elegant flower ornaments, handmade Beaded clothing, exquisite lacquer, hand-painted umbrellas, rattan handicrafts, woodcarving to fine silk and celadon (ware) with color of sea green, all of these can be found in Thailand.

The main wood and raw materials is including teakwood, rosewood, camellia yunnanensis and mangowood, which can be skillfully engraved on traditional or modern patterns. Woodcarving is a traditional Thai art characterized by temples. In recent years, woodcarving has been increasingly used for decorating furniture, elegant screens, chairs, tables, beds, and anything with wooden surfaces which is large enough for carving. Woodcarving elephants, statues and tableware are all popular purchases.

The dazzling black and gold pattern made the lacquer glamorous and illuminated. These articles are made of wood, bamboo, metal, paper and ceramics, which can be used for containers, ornaments and various souvenirs.

The best Thailand silverware is very beautiful and is produced in Chiang Mai, where some families have been trained their technology for several generations. The traditional technology is used to ensure that at least 92.5% of the sterling silver is made by hand. The main products are silver bowl and other daily necessities and personal jewellery. Silver shops concentrated in Chiang Mai wow antecedents, which is the place the silversmith and their family lived in.

Tropical fruit
Thailand is famous for fruit Kingdom, the country is rich in fruit, and the fruits are in wide variety, you can always find the fresh fruit in Thailand. And the fruits are too much for people in Thailand, the fresh fruits are easy to rot in such climate in Thailand, and then the fruits are made to dried fruits.

Durian is famous in Southeast Asia and is known as the "king of fruit". Durian has a distinctive feature, large, strong smell, and a spiny shell. A lot of people are addicted to durian, and the food that has a special smell is always the same, and the person who likes it feels it is a special aroma.

If the Durian is the "king of fruit", then the Mangosteen is the "queen of fruit", as it is widely used for fever and skin problems in ancient Southeast Asia. The reason that people love it not only it is sweet and sour in flavor, but also it will be helpful on losing weight.

It is said that the mango was introduced into Thailand from India in the beginning, and then it has been bred into dozens of varieties, it can also be made into dried mango for preservation.