Guides for Presentation

Instructions for Oral Presentation

1. Time Allocation

Presentation TypeTotal Allotted Time
Keynote Presentation40 min
Invited Presentation15 min
Regular Presentation15 min

a. Each presentation includes 3- 5 minutes for question and discussion.
b. All presenters are requested to start and done their presentation on time. A warning will be given when 3 minutes left.

2. Preparation before the presentation:
1) Laptops equipped with Windows 10, Office 2010 Pro English (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and Adobe Reader are provided;
2) LCD projectors, Screens, Laser pointers and Microphones are provided;
3) Speakers who have not sent the presentation in PPT/PDF format to the organizing committee should have their presentation data ready in a memory stick and copy it to the laptop in the session room about 15 minutes before the start time, and make sure it could be normally displayed;
4) All speakers should inform the Session Chair (before the start of your Session) that you are present.

3. About the Best Presentation
1) Each session will select one Best Oral Presentation, please ensure your Paper ID (CNT****) is shown correctly in the first or last page at your presentation data.
2) The best presenter of each session will be awarded with free standard registration for the next CECNet.

Instruction for Poster Presentation

1. After acceptance, please design your poster based on the "Poster Template".
2. For the presenters providing their poster by October 5th, the Conference will print the posters for free. If those who fail to complete the poster by October 5th, please print the poster by yourself and bring it to the Conference Secretariat on the registration day.
3. All presenters are responsible for removing their posters after presentation time. The Secretariat takes no responsibility for posters after that.
NOTE: Each presenter is required to stand by his/her poster for a better communication with other participants.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts for presentation should be submitted to the CECNet 2018 Submission System and be formatted according to the "Abstract Template". Please mark "abstract for oral (or poster) presentation" in the note form or e-mail to for confirmation.

1. For a full paper both to be published in a journal and presented on the conference, please mark ”submit to the journal & for oral/poster presentation” in NOTE box before paper submission.
2. For participants without presentation, please kindly send your name, affiliation and position to for registration.