Cuisines in Thailand

Thai cuisine blends elements of several Southeast Asian traditions. Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Thailand is a tropical country on the sea, they are rich in green vegetables, seafood and fruits, which is the also the main ingredients of Thai food.

Typical dishes

Thai fried rice(泰式炒饭)
Thai fried rice is a traditional family food in Thailand, which is deeply loved by people in Thailand and all over the world. The main material is Thailand rice, with seafood or chicken and other meat and vegetables made together. In the process of stir frying, the Thai curry is added to make the taste into each grain of rice. The curry has a profound and unique taste. It's a typical delicacy in Thailand.

Tom Yum Kung(冬阴功汤)
It is the most representative of the Thai seafood soup, hot and sour taste. In the name of the soup, “Tom Yum " means hot and sour, the spicy flavor comes from the chili, the sour taste is from the lemon and the tomato. " Kung “means shrimp, the translation is actually sour and spicy shrimp soup. The soup ingredients commonly used cuttle fish and other seafood or prawns. The soup is not very spicy, but when you get used to it, a lot of people will be greedy for it.

Som Tum/ Green Papaya Salad(香辣青木瓜沙拉)
Green papaya salad is a popular food in the northeast of Thailand. It was widely accepted by people in Thailand because of its delicious sour and low fat. It became one of the most popular foods in Thailand. In addition to the green papaya salad restaurants, streets and lanes can also often be found making green papaya salad vendors.

Tom Kha Kai (椰汁炖鸡)
It may be the most refreshing soup in the world, made by the coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger (ginger South Asia) and chicken. It tastes sweeter and lighter than Tom Yum Kung. Tom Kha Kai will definitely stand out in Thailand gourmet, people will fall in love with it at the first taste.

Street snacks

Thai Fish Cakes(泰国鱼饼)
These fish cakes are not like the western style frying. They were tapped before they were fried. The best is that has just been fried out of a hot oil pan, and then dipped in a little bit pungent, spicy chili sauce.

Chocolate and Banana Roti (巧克力香蕉薄饼)
The raw material is a bit like the India pancake in Singapore, but it tastes 10 times as good as it is. It's just in front of you. Pull the dough as thin as the paper, put it on the baking tray, put the banana slices on it, fry it till golden and yellow, and then pour syrup, condensed milk and chocolate sauce. How can it not be moved?

Salt Grilled Fish(盐烤鱼)
Some people will decline at the first sight of heavy salt, in fact, the skin with salt is not supposed to be eaten. Stuffing the fish with lemongrass and other herbs, and then put a layer of salt on the surface of fish, after grilling, the fish meat will not dry. It will be delicious to eat with special sauce.

Thai dessert

Golden three treasures(黄金三宝)
Golden three treasures: egg yolk, egg yolk ball, sweet egg silk. In the culture of Thailand, the yellow or golden means auspicious and rich, and the "golden three treasures" is the most traditional cultural dessert in Thailand. They will be appeared in the some major festival ceremonies for giving to your friends, and the sweet egg silk is necessary for wedding.

Mango Sticky Rice(芒果糯米饭)
Mango Sticky Rice is a marked dessert in Thailand. It is better to eat with coconut milk.

Red ruby(红宝石)
It's the best to eat after a hot and hot meal! This sweet and fresh dessert can be found on the street stall. This is actually pieces of crunchy water chestnut and can be eaten with a variety of other ingredients like sweet potato pieces and tapioca. Commonly eaten with coconut milk, best with shaved ice.