Brief Introduction
Kingdom of Thailand is known as Thailand. It is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. Thailand is located in the Central South Peninsular. It bounds the Burma and the Andaman Sea on the West and the north. The northeast is Laos, southeast is Cambodia, and the narrow peninsula in the South is connected with Malaysia. The old name of Thailand is Siam. On May 11, 1949, Thai people change "Siam" to "Thai" with the name of their own nation, mainly to take the meaning of "freedom".

Thai Royal Family
The royal family of Thailand, namely the Bangkok Dynasty and the Chakri Dynasty, it has been continued since 1782. The king of Bangkok Dynasty had autocratic power before 1932. In 1932, Thailand became a constitutional monarchy, and then all the kings were only the symbolic heads of state.

Thailand Buddhism
Thailand has the population of forty-seven million, and Buddhists accounted for more than ninety-five percent. It is said that the country has more than 30000 temples. The capital city Bangkok is called the city of Buddha Temple. The Thailand kings are Buddhist, so Buddhism became the state religion of Thailand. Monks also highly respected, in all sectors of society have a great voice.

Festival activities and other
There are four Buddhist festivals every year in Thailand, which are all national holidays. Buddhism and the Thai people's life are closely related, People will invite the mage chanting prayers for the completion of new homes, birth, birthday, marriage, etc.

Example: Tattoo Festival
In Thailand, people believe in Buddhism, tattoos have been given a mysterious religious significance. For Thailand people, believers tattooed by the monks with a special Buddhist pattern are taken as a blessing to protect the peace and bring luck. For many young people, the tattoo is a unique personality and self expression. Many people are obsessed with the beauty of this pain, and regard it as a symbol of sexy and charming.